PuMa Public Affairs division specializes in U.S.-Mexico relations, immigration integration, U.S.- Mexico border issues, trade, economic development, transportation, and small, minority business development. Our network of government and private sector influentials are far and wide and bring added value to a client's government and public affairs needs. 


PuMa Small Business Development division assists small, minority businesses interested in 8(a) certification, developing business and marketing strategies that give your business or organization the competitive edge. PuMa's one-stop-shopping of services includes the finest network of financial and legal advisors, branding / positioning experts, as well as award-winning website designers, developers and graphic designers.



Public Relations: Reputation is Everything
Public Affairs: The Complete Package
Community Relations: Impress Your Local Community
Media Relations: Get Your Message Out
Hispanic Marketing: Reach the Hispanic Audience
Global Services: Communications Without Borders

PuMa is a full-service operation that provides clients with complete communications solutions.  We work closely with our clients to define their needs, develop strategies and implement them. We become one with the client, serving as a critical team member committed to meeting set goals and achieving results.

Read on for a synopsis of what we can do for you.

Public Relations: Reputation is Everything

PuMa is a results-driven communications and public relations consultancy firm committed to managing, promoting, and protecting the reputation of its clients.  From media relations to corporate communications, PuMa provides full PR services in both English and Spanish. PuMa is the premier partner in communicating your messages, increasing sales, enhancing reputation, molding attitudes, and achieving a wide range of critical client objectives.  

PuMa works side-by-side with each of our clients in realizing their business vision and goals.  We serve from commercial and industrial customers to government entities, non-profit organizations, and educational and cultural institutions. 

Public Affairs: The Complete Package

Our Public Affairs division in Washington, DC helps our clients develop relationships with decision-makers and thought-leaders throughout the nations capital, including in government, think tanks, financial and international agencies. By advocating and representing our client's interests, we help create awareness of issues among public officials and government entities to obtain support, funding and / or legislative revisions. We can also leverage our client issues by implementing strategic community and grassroots campaigns, media relations, digital and social media, and securing speaking engagements. Among PuMa's basic services to promote a client in Washington is to secure meetings with government officials and influentials, develop briefing documents for members of Congress and the Executive branch, develop focused talking points and provide the follow-through that is usually required to ensure the desired result is achieved. 

Community Relations: Impress Your Local Community

Community relations entails creating a special connection and understanding between the client's issue and the various tiers that comprise a community.  We do this by:

  • Developing multi-pronged outreach and inclusion strategy that are engaging and interactive 
  • Enlisting trusted spokespersons, ambassadors to secure and consolidate community awareness and support 
  • Create community campaigns using a combination of proven tactics including: focus groups, phone banks, door-to-door canvassing, creating special events, securing speaking engagements at key events and locations
  • Creating on-line presence through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), websites, advertising and earned media
  • Tailoring messages that connect with the targeted audience, develop presentations, information materials, talking points
  • Create media opportunities, media train spokespersons and develop press materials 

Community Relations: Building a Great Brand Starts at Home

Community Relations Success Stories:

  • Winning Back Miami: The community was in an uproar due to crime and other issues. Organized community event, discussed concerns, developed recommendations and put pressure on government (with community support) to institute changes. Read complete story here.
  • Tucson, Arizona Redevelopment Project: The community had expressed major opposition to a redevelopment project, citing concerns that the plan was too modern and incompatible with local neighborhoods. To address this, PuMa secured the support of community leaders, held town-hall meetings to inform the community of the project; obtained feedback and helped the city and contractors address community concerns. The communication and trust between the community and the city was restored and both continued working toward the development of the project.

The key to successful community relations is listening effectively to understand the environment, then formulating practical messaging and tactical solutions.

Media Relations: Get Your Message Out

PuMa believes in targeted media saturation. That means identifying exactly who to reach, then making sure that target gets maximum exposure to the message.

Our media relations tactics include:

  • Strategy & message development
  • Media training § Op-eds and editorial campaigns
  • Media pitching and article placements
  • Editorial board meetings
  • Press kit development & translation
  • Social media, blogging and other online tactics

With PuMa as your Media Relations partner, you can be sure that your message will be heard loud and clear.

Hispanic Marketing: Reach the Hispanic Audience

PuMa Latino is the division that focuses on helping clients penetrate the Hispanic market in the United States, Latin America and Europe.  It also assists Latino businesses with marketing services and products to both minority and mainstream target markets.  It is PuMa's expertise to conduct market research on products and services, identify how to position the client and develop the strategies that connect, are results oriented and highly effective.  PuMa's holistic approach is to supplement a comprehensive communications strategy with a tailored Hispanic marketing component that is geared exclusively to this dynamic constituency. For more information about PuMa Latino contact us at at info@pumacommunications.com.With the Hispanic market growing faster than all other groups, targeting this diverse and dynamic community is critical.

At PuMa, we dig deeper to understand how the Hispanic market thinks and what motivates them. In doing this, we also influence behavior, thus maximizing audience support for our clients’ products, services or issues.

After analyzing each client’s goals and developing a custom-tailored strategy, we implement multi-faceted campaigns, using our complete toolbox of services to reach the market. This can include media relations, community relations, government relations, special events and more. To achieve maximum reach we communicate our messages in English and in Spanish.

We don’t just speak to the Hispanic market. We get them to care and respond to our clients’ needs.

Global Services: Communications Without Borders

Our multilingual and multicultural staff can assist clients with multiple global objectives:

1) Serving as facilitator and guide:
We can help you to develop tailored commercial or cultural missions between the U.S. and foreign governments or business sectors, and secure meetings with key decision-makers in both the private and public sectors. Our strategic agendas include business-to-business meetings and business-to-government meetings. If applicable, we also include media opportunities and press conferences, as well as special events with key industry and government leaders.

2) Developing and executing marketing campaigns:
We develop and implement strategies to get our clients’ messages across to target audiences and enhance their profiles. That means developing strategy and messaging, then using tactics such as speech writing, media training, brochures, press kits, presentations and developing an internet marketing strategy. We prepare materials in multiple languages as needed, including English, Spanish, French and/or Mandarin Chinese.

3) Introducing a new product or service internationally:
PuMa's worldwide network of market researchers and strategists will research your product and service, plus identify prime global market opportunities. This includes creating and identifying funding opportunities for private and public sector projects.

Whether we’re working on a project in DC or in Mexico, we always implement effective and tailored communications strategies that we’ve become known for. It’s the PuMa way.