Margaret Pulles to Participate in U.S. - Paraguay Economic Forum 

PuMa Focuses on U.S. Hispanic and Latin American Markets


The Second Paraguay Economic Forum (PEF) will take place on February 6th at the Alverno College Read Conference Center and in February 7th will be presented a lecture of Victor Britez Chamorro, Ph.D., the Chancellor of the National University of the East (UNE) in the Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) Auditorium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Dr. Brítez will be the keynote speaker in the opening session of the Forum as well as present an Award that bears his name to seven Alverno MBA Students who conducted an in depth analysis on Paraguay and have written academic papers on certain topics and areas that were focused on Paraguay as a whole country.  In this visit to Milwaukee, Chancellor Victor Brítez will be joined by Dr. Rolando Segovia, the Executive Director of International Affairs in UNE Ciudad del Este.  The Paraguayan government will be presented by Jose Otaño the Commercial Attaché in the General Consulate of Miami.  Additionally the Milwaukee World Trade Association is supporting the event together with Diario 5 Dias in Asuncion and Revista Logistica in Paraguay.

Mrs. Margaret Pullés, president of PuMa Communications will be joining the afternoon session of PEF.  She will be giving a presentation on how to improve Paraguay’s national image, strengthen and foster the Bilateral Cultural and trade relations between Paraguay and the United States.

Dr. Pullés is president and founder of PuMa Communications & Cultural Services, a strategic communications firm established in 2006 with offices in Washington, DC, Miami, Florida, and affiliates in Tucson, Arizona, San Antonio, Texas and Mexico City, Mexico.  She is a member of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and serves on the International Business Development Committee where she focuses on identifying and expanding trade and commercial opportunities between the U.S. and Latin America.  Margaret also serves on the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition advisory board, co-chaired by former Governor Jeb Bush and University of Miami President Donna Shalala.

In 2010, Margaret launched the first Spanish-language radio program to ever transmit live from the nation’s capital titled “Temas en Debate con Margarita Pulles y Armando Guzman.”  The program brought together dignitaries, members of Congress, Administration officials, and private and public sector leaders in direct contact with the community.  The program was immensely successful and well-received by the public.  Margaret continues to appear frequently on Spanish- and English-language media as current affairs and political commentator / analyst.

Prior to PuMa, Margaret has held a number of senior positions of significant responsibility in the private and public sectors including the U.S. Department of Transportation, Smithsonian Institution and Burson-Marsteller. 

Another distinguished keynote speaker will be Col. Sandy Harter (ret. US Army), President of Synnection, LLC, who will be focusing on the current situation of Paraguay’s infrastructure, foster bilateral and business relations between both countries and provide a series of suggestions towards strengthening the post - natural disaster government response and recovery program in the land locked country.

Paraguay is located in the heart of South America and is a member of the Southern Cone Common Market (MERCOSUR) along with Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Venezuela; member of Inter-American Development Bank, Latin American Integration Association. In 2010 Paraguay had the fastest economic growth rate in Latin America, due to a high demand of agricultural products in the international markets, its growth was ahead of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, and has performed even better than other flourishing regional economies such as Peru and Chile.

The Central Bank of Paraguay reported 11.7 percent of GDP in the first quarter and 12.2 percent in the second quarter of 2010, compared to the same quarters in the previous year.  According to Chancellor Britez of UNE “Paraguay is an open economy, over 80 percent of its GDP is generated by exports and imports of agricultural, dairy and livestock products for the World Markets. Asuncion is considered as the bread basket of the World.  

International Business Professor Carol Vollmer Pope and Forum founder Peter Tase will focus the event on the economic and investment potential that Paraguay offers to international businesses, with emphasis on the U.S. business sector nationwide as well as in the Midwest and the State of Wisconsin.

According to Dr. Blas Oddone, M.S., a senior adviser to PEF organization team, “Paraguay is the most democratic and business-friendly country in South America. Unlike many of its neighbors, Paraguay provides rich opportunities for business growth that is free from the fears of a government interference or nationalization as it has happened recently in Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina. On the contrary, the political, social climate and constant economic growth of Paraguay, welcomes foreign direct investment and actively seeks to establish greater ties with United States.

Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes took office on August 15, 2013. He is widely admired for his business acumen. President Cartes was educated in Tulsa, Oklahoma and owns factories in Miami, Florida.

Paraguay offers opportunities in many areas. Wisconsin businesses interested in projects and ventures in the areas of infrastructure, road-building, agriculture and natural resources will gain a decisive advantage by interacting with the movers and shakers who can make things happen in Paraguay.

In 2012, Paraguay imported $865 million in goods and services from the United States, while exports totaled $145 million. The U.S. ranked fourth in imports to Paraguay, behind China, Brazil and Argentina. Paraguay’s exports center around agricultural products, including soybeans, grains, meat and sugar. The country’s top imports are petroleum products, cellular equipment, electronics, fertilizer, motor vehicles and defense technology.



PuMa CEO Margaret Pulles Appointed to U.S. Global Leadership Coalition Advisory Board 

Washington, DC – PuMa CEO Margaret Pulles Machado was appointed to serve on the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition's advisory board which is co-chaired by former Health and Human Services Secretary and University of Miami President Donna Shalala and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.  The USGLC is dedicated to creating awareness and supporting U.S. foreign policies that foster sustainable communities across the globe and enhance business, educational and cultural relationships between the U.S. and developing nations.  "I am honored to serve on such a prestigious board that focuses on helping improve understanding and the quality of life of people across the globe while enhancing economic opportunities for the U.S." concludes Pulles.