PuMa maintains relationships with strategic influential figures in the media and public and private sectors at the local, state and federal levels.


PuMa develops tailored strategies that may include public affairs, media relations, and special events. All our strategies supplement each other and have a common goal of achieving desired results.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have a business in a foreign country and am interested in expanding to the US.  How can you help ?

Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, PuMa can serve as a one-shop operation to assist you on many fronts and through-out the process of expanding into a new market. Our clients range from non-for-profits, chambers of commerce, museums and universities, government agencies, tourism destinations, real estate developments, private entrepreneurs, public officials, and beyond. We work side by side with each of our clients in realizing their business visions and goals.

PuMa can assist with conducting market analysis, connect you with trusted investment, financial and legal professionals, and realtors. PuMa can tailor a strategic public relations and media plan that supplements your business strategy, develop an on-line presence, create an advertising / branding campaign, create community events and activities to develop following, buyers or awareness.  PuMa's expertise in analysis and understanding of the market is a value that will serve you as you establish yourself in a new country, open new markets and begin competing among the rest. 

2. I need a presence in DC. How can PuMa help me ?

Not everyone can afford to have a full-time office or representative in DC, but to be heard and have influence you need a presence. That’s why there’s PuMa. We bring a human face, a wealth of experience and a proven track record of getting things done in Washington. We’ll can be your voice in DC.  Our trusted network of public affairs representatives have internal knowledge, relationships and experience to provide expert guidance, access to key institutions and officials as well as media.  PuMa is a trusted presence in the nation's capital and has years of experience in working with Administration officials and members of Congress. 

PuMa can establish and nurture your DC presence in many ways:

  • Introduce you to key public and private sector decision-makers
  • Foster positive relationships with government officials and agency representatives
  • Establish strategic alliances and joint ventures with the private sector
  • Provide business-to-government and business-to-business services
  • Develop briefing materials
  • Identify agencies and individuals to cultlivate to promote your issue or cause.
  • Develop and place articles, Opinion-Editorials and secure media coverage to promote and highlight your issues

3. How can PuMa assist cultural institutions ?

PuMa’s best-in-kind museum and cultural professionals are ready to help you achieve your communications and fundraising goals. Our seasoned museum professionals have extensive experience working with the best cultural entities in the world including the Smithsonian Institution.

Whether you want to increase membership, attract new visitors, enhance programming and exhibit offerings, or develop and implement successful fundraising strategies, PuMa has the experience and know-how to make it happen for you. PuMa provides a communications perspective to museum operations, helping you position and brand your institution within your community and beyond. We can also help with museum planning, strategic planning, exhibition development and design and every other detail that needs attention.

Cultural institutions in foreign countries can benefit from contacting PuMa.  We can help you create a presence in the USA by assisting with identifying what exhibits and collections may be of value/interest in the US market, help you identify institutions that can house your exhibitions, collections.  In addition, we can help create special events, secure high-profile personalities, potential donors and supporters as well as implement an intense communications strategy to create awareness of your museum, exhibits and programs.  

Organizations interested in creating a museum or cultural institution can be very well served by PuMa.  PuMa's network of highly capable and recognized professionals can help with museum planning, feasibility studies, program development, budget, fundraising strategies, marketing and more. Contact PuMa to discuss your interests and see how we can help you meet your needs. 

4.  I have a small, minority business and am interested in getting SBA certified.  How can PuMa help ?

PuMa can assist with reviewing your business plan, advising you on the materials you need to submit and, together with our associate in DC, help you get your business 8(a) certified to compete for government contracts.  PuMa's associates include former Small Business Administration senior officials.  We can assist throughout the entire certification process, securing financing and more.  Not one application has been denyed by using our network of highly experienced professionals.  Contact PuMa for more information.